Next up, it’s a cucumber update

As with the courgettes, we’ll share progress on our early sowing of Tasty King cucumbers first. These have been growing on happily in their 3″ pots with more compost gradually being added as the plant grew.

However, over the bank holiday weekend, we planted these out in the greenhouse.

We planted them out in bottomless pots that we sank into the soil bed of the greenhouse slightly. We then placed some multi-purpose compost in the bottom of the pot before placing the cucumber plant on top. We then carefully mounded some more compost up around the stem of the cucumber for support.

When watering these, we will be careful to water in the “moat” we have created round the mound of compost at the cucumber’s stem. Hopefully this should prevent the cucumber from rotting off, but we’ll have to wait and see.

We also gave each plant a bamboo cane for support and started to tie the cucumber plant up it.

As well as the early cucumbers, we are also trying a couple of new varieties to us this year: Mini Munch and Nimrod.

These were sown on 24 April

And believe it or not, they were being pricked out on 28 April!

Mini Munch is supposed to be a super tasty mini cucumber, and Nimrod claims to be extremely heavy cropping with 3-4 fruits per node. We’ll have to wait and see what happens over the summer.

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