Tomato relocations

Last weekend it was also time to relocate our tomatoes to their final positions. The greenhouse was getting very overcrowded, so it was time for some of the tomatoes to move outside now that the chance of frost has (hopefully!) passed.

We placed these up against the wall we have in our garden, which is a lovely sunny and protected spot for them to grow on.

After placing each tomato plant outside, we gave each one a bamboo cane support which we tied to a piece of wire that we have running along the wall.

We then tended to each of the tomatoes, removing the side shoots and then tying the tomato plants up to the cane every 4-6 inches.

As well as the tomatoes that we moved outside, we kept some of the varieties in the greenhouse: Big Beef, Borsalina and Pink Honeymoon. These are all the beefsteak type tomatoes that we’re growing this year and we find that they tend to grow better indoors.

As well as these, the Yellow Mimi are still up towards the back of the greenhouse in the below photo. Although the plants got frosted early on, they are starting to set trusses now so fingers crossed they still produce some decent early fruits for us.

Alongside the Pink Honeymoon, we have also potted up our various sweet and chilli peppers now. These have also been potted up into 10 litre pots in multipurpose compost. The peppers are not large enough to need canes yet, but they will be supported as such as they grow taller.

Last but not least we’ve got the hanging basket tumbling tomato plants. These are growing along nicely in their hanging baskets and have now been hung on our fence. As you can see, there are tomatoes starting to form on the plants.

The only thing with the hanging basket tomatoes is that they run out of water very quickly. I think this is mainly because there is not a lot of compost to hold the water. Therefore, water little and often is key to keep the compost moist.

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