Cucurbit update

We have a number of varieties of courgettes that we’re going to give a go this year, some regular oblong ones and some round ones. We’ve got quite a few new varieties to us this year, so we’ll try and remember to do a review of these once they start producing fruits and then later in the year,

As well as the courgettes that we’ve just planted out, we also have our two early Midnight courgettes which are really getting going now. In fact, we harvested our first courgette of 2022 last week!

Next up we have our cucumbers. These are Mini Munch, Nimrod and Salt ‘n’ Pepper. As it was quite warm over the weekend, we shaded the young plants with some fleece that we pegged to the greenhouse structure. It seems to be working so far, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

Last but not least is our aubergine, ping tung long. This is another new variety to us this year, and we haven’t had much luck with aubergines in the past. We’ll see how we get on with this variety this year though.

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