Update on some of our plantings

Although the garlic and elephant garlic have been growing away in our littel raised bed over the winter, we managed to fill it up last weekend.

We sowed some pak choi, chop suey greens and fennel the other week. We sowed one seed per cell tray and within a couple of weeks this is how they looked.

We read that they don’t really like to be handled too much once they’re growing so we thought it would be best to plant them out as soon as possible. Therefore, they are now planted out in our raised bed. Hopefully they’ll grow on happily here until they’re ready to harvest.

The rest of the bed was used up planting out some red onions. This is a new variety for 2022, not just to us, but a new variety from the seed company. They are supposed to store really well, so we’ll have to see.

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