The tomatoes are starting to form!

One of the most exciting parts of the growing year (for me anyway!) is when the fruits of all your labours start to form. Don’t get me wrong, the harvest part is even better, but I’ll settle for this for now!

Here, we have a selection of our tomatoes that are starting to set fruits: Honeycomb, Nimbus, Tumbler, Big Beef and Borsalina (top row then bottom row, from left to right).

It will be interesting to watch as more fruits start to form over the coming weeks.

We are currently watering with a mixture of plain water, water with high potash liquid feed, and occasionally water with a liquid calcium nitrate feed. There’s no exact science to it, just mix things up and keep doing what you’re doing as long as the plants are happy. If they start to look a bit sorry for themselves, that’s the time to have a think about what it might be that they need.

Remember, high nitrogen feeds encourage leafy growth, high potash encourages fruiting and high potassium encourages root growth. There are lots of variations on these, but these are the key nutrients that plants generally need.

Not all of the tomatoes are starting to set fruit just yet, but hopefully it won’t be long before they are. They are all happily growing away up their canes though.

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