The latest from our little garden

We wanted to give you an update on some of the other things we’ve got growing in the garden at the moment which haven’t managed to feature in a post of their own.

We planted out a couple of cucumber plants the other weekend, Salt n Pepper, Nimrod and Mini Munch. These have now been given canes so we can start to tie the plants up these as the plants grow.

We also had our first radish harvest of the year. These are Rougette radishes – and very nice they are in salad too!

Our early sowing of Midnight courgettes are now starting to produce courgettes. They are not growing at their fastest pace just yet, but they’re not far off. Good times are about to begin!

Our latest sowing of red lettuces are just ready to plant out. They don’t take up too much space and so this batch have been planted out in a little trough.

The herb garden is starting to grow away nicely now. We’ll soon have plenty of fresh herbs to use in our cooking throughout the summer.

The salad crops are also coming along nicely. We’ve got Little Gem lettuces, leaf salad, beetroot and radishes.

In our little raised bed, we’ve got the garlic, red onions, fennel, chop suey greens and pak choi. It’s amazing how quickly the pak chois are growing!

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