The tomatoes are starting to ripen

The tomatoes that are growing outside are growing well up against the wall and we are continuing to tie them up their bamboo cane supports as they get taller. Once 5 or 6 trusses have formed, we usually pinch the growing point out. That way, we find that the tomatoes generally have enough time to set and ripen before it gets too cool in the autumn.

The beefsteak tomatoes in the greenhouse are also growing well. Some of the plants have now reached the top of the greenhouse and so their growing points have also had to be pinched out. That being said, on counting, they have also formed 5 or 6 trusses by this point so we should be ok for tomatoes in the near future.

Exciting times – some of the tomatoes are starting to ripen. These are Tumbler, Honeycomb and Cascade.

We have been watering the tomatoes daily and giving the plants a high nitrogen liquid feed. However, as tomatoes have now started to set on all the plants, we will swap over to a high potash liquid feed now to encourage fruiting rather than leafy growth.

We are also giving the tomato plants an occasional liquid calcium nitrate feed. This is to try and prevent blossom end rot which is a common disease that tomatoes suffer with.

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