Miscellaneous garden updates

Our salad crops have done quite well this year. The radishes are pretty much finished now and are starting to go to seed. This tends to happen once it gets too warm, so you have to eat them quickly when they’re ready!

The salad leaves are growing well and we’ve started eating these. We’re hopeful that they will start to sprout again where we’ve cut them and then we’ll have some more later in the season.

The Red Little Gem lettuces are also starting to heart up. They’re such a lovely colour!

The pak choi are also starting to heart up and we ate a couple in a green thai curry last week. They’re so easy to grow and quite quick to mature too.

We’ll have to do a separate post to focus on our peppers and chillis, but this is how the ones growing on outside are getting on. They’re starting to flower and set fruits. As you can see, we have a few Boiro padron peppers set already so the countdown is on to tapas night!

At the moment these are getting watered daily and a high nitrogen liquid feed. However like the tomatoes, we intend to switch this over to a high potash liquid feed once a few more fruits have set.

The chop suey greens are less of a success story. They looked to be growing on nicely in our raised bed, but like last year they have now started flowering. We’re not sure if we’re trying to grow them when the weather’s too warm? Any tips would be appreciated if anyone has tried growing these!

We’ve also had our first feed of Paris Market Atlas carrots. These are a lovely round carrot that we tried a couple of years ago but thought we’d try again for 2022. They are a great variety if you want to grow in the soil but have clay soil. As the carrot is bred to be round, it doesn’t send down a tap root the same as other carrots and therefore even with stony or difficult soil, you don’t end up with lots of forks in your carrots like you can sometimes.

We are also trying fennel for the first time this year. So far so good we think! They look green and healthy in any case, but we’ll have to see as we’re not sure how they best like to grow really.

The herb garden is also looking healthy. We’ve got plenty of different herbs for adding to our cooking through the summer now.

The Toughball small onions are rapidly bulbing up now and it won’t be long before these will be harvested. It’s surprising how much they grow in the last couple of weeks though, so don’t give up on your onions until they are starting to completely die back.

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