Courgette woes

The other week, we thought we were on the brink of being overrun with courgettes for the summer. However, how wrong you can be!

Although we’ve had some courgettes to eat, there haven’t been half as many as we would’ve hoped and liked.

We’re just not sure what is wrong with them. The plants look healthy enough in themselves, and we’re making sure to give them plenty of water. However, we have a number of issues with the various varieties:

  1. The round courgette fruits aren’t swelling. Each of the three plants, Piccolo, Eight Ball and One Ball are all producing fruits, but it’s as if they’re not getting pollinated. They just don’t seem to swell at all after the initial fruit appears, and after a few days they go all soft and spongy and then eventually fall off. We’ve had one single Eight Ball so far all season and none of the other two varieties.
  2. We’re also getting deformed flowers. We’re not sure what this is, but it’s as though the flowers are just sawn off – they don’t seem to have the long tail type part that they usually have. This also seems to mean that the fruits don’t grow properly or at least don’t grow to their usual size.
  3. BLACKFLY. We have so many blackfly this year, they’re never ending. We’re not sure if they’re causing the deformity in the flowers (they’re certainly distorting the young leaves).

All in all, a slightly disappointing year so far with courgettes. We’re not sure if it’s the blackfly, the weather, a combination of the two, or something entirely different. But fingers crossed the plants will pick up during the course of the summer and we’ll have some more courgettes to eat.

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