Tomato update

The tomatoes are in full swing now and we’re picking them almost every day.

First up, we have our Yellow Mimi. This is one of the plants that unfortunately got caught by the frost back in the spring. Therefore, although it’s not as early and vigorous as it would otherwise have been, it still has a fair few tomatoes set.

Next up we have our favourite to eat, Honeycomb. They are exceptionally sweet and such a bright orange colour!

Chris exhibited some of these at the National Vegetable Society Essex District Association Mini Show and managed to come away with first prize, so he’s well chuffed!

We’ve also had our first Pink Honeymoon ripen which we enjoyed grilled for breakfast the other morning. These are another very sweet variety, especially considering they are a large tomato.

Last up (for now, as there are just too many varieties to cover otherwise!) is Vesper – a new variety to us this year. You’ll be pleased to know that we have now taste tested these and approve so this may become a regular variety going forward.

As we’ve mentioned before, these are getting a regular liquid high potash feed now they have set fruits.

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