Other vegetable plot updates

The cucumbers growing in the greenhouse are growing away well and we have started picking the Tasty King, Nimrod and Mini Munch

The plants really are prolific. You can see from the photo below just how many fruits there are on each plant, and they are quite close together which means you can pack more fruits into a smaller space. Lots of cucumbers will form fruits like this but then not all of them survive once one or two start to swell. That doesn’t seem to be the case for the Mini Munch and Nimrod though – they seem to be able to support lots of fruits at once. We’ll have to try and remember to do another post to show what we mean as the fruits start to grow.

The Vampire chilli peppers have also started to set, and they are certainly delivering on the dark purple fruit front as advertised. Their purple flowers are also very striking!

Similar with the bell peppers which are starting to set and swell. Fingers crossed the warm weather hangs around long enough to ripen these. We do find that slugs like to take a nibble out of these though, so we’ll be keeping an eye out!

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  1. Hi Emily, I have given up my allotment at Burnham from this year and now grow very little in the way of vegetables here at home. For the time being I will continue with my membership of the N.V.S. and following your excellent ‘sow simple’ posts. Circumstances may change in the future but I have enjoyed many years of growing and showing vegetables. I hope to spend more time now with my garden at home and certainly pleased not to have to water my allotment by watering can during this hot summer. Kind regards, Bill

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