DT Brown seed trial update

The spinach didn’t take very long to grow at all. We think we probably sowed it a bit late in the season, or maybe it was the exceptionally hot weather that we’ve been having recently. However, both varieties started going to seed before we had a chance to start eating it.

That being said, it didn’t stop us eating it, and it was really tasty. The stems, even though they had started going to seed were still very tender. We just cut up the whole thing, stem, leaves and all and chucked it in the pot!

We particularly liked the red veined variety as it added a bit of further interest to the dish.

The Topweight Improved carrots are also coming along nicely in their container. We’ll keeping these watered and hope to pull some nice carrots in due course. Therefore, more updates on these (and the runner beans and celeriac) to come!

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