Early June container crop update

The carrots we sowed in containers on 26 April are growing on well. None of the crops we have sown directly in containers are causing us too much trouble, they just need some water each day.

It’ll be a little while before these are ready yet, but they’re a couple of inches tall now.

As we spaced the seeds out around the container, we’re hoping not to need to thin them out. If you need to though, it’s not a problem, but you should be mindful of attracting carrot fly, as these will burrow into your carrots and damage them.

We have three tips to avoid attracting carrot fly when thinning out carrots:

  1. Although it’s tempting, try not to run your hands through the leaves to create that lovely “carrot” smell – this is what gives away where your carrots are to the carrot root fly! This also means trying not to disturb the leaves any more than you need to during the thinning out process.
  2. Β Snip the unwanted carrots off at as close to soil level as you can with a pair of scissors rather than pulling them out entirely. This has two benefits: the first is that we find that it means less “carrot” scent is given off, and secondly it creates the least disturbance for the other carrots that you’re leaving in. Carrots (and other tap roots) do not tend to like their tap roots to be disturbed. This can sometimes cause them to have a “check” and grow forked. Still edible, but not such a perfect shape!
  3. Give the carrots some water with a relatively strong dose of liquid seaweed in. For those of you familiar with liquid seaweed, it’s pretty stinky. Therefore, we’d water with this after thinning to try and disguise any carrot scent you may have inadvertently created, and to hopefully confuse/put off any carrot root fly!


Next up, we have the turnips and radishes. These were both sown on 2 May, along with our rocket. These two are related, so their leaves look very similar. The turnip leaves are just larger than those of the radish, I suppose just like the crops themselves!

The best part about radishes is how quickly they grow, and how low maintenance they are. As here is how big some of them have started getting already. I have a feeling we might be able to have radish with our salad this week!


And here’s the rocket! Looking forward to mixing up our salads a bit with a few leaves of this once it gets a bit bigger.


We also thought we’d share the progress with our main sowing of container courgettes. They’ve got off to a good start in their pots and it won’t be long before they’re going to need their stakes put in!

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