The peppers are starting to set

We have peppers and chillies! They may not have long set, but they are definitely starting to take shape.

These are the Basket of Fire chillies which have got quite a few chillies forming now, and lots more flowers still to be pollinated! We feel like they already look very spicy!!


Next up, we’ve got the Redskin which are a compact bell pepper. Interested to see how these turn out.


Last but not least we’ve got the Snackbite. We grew these last year and know we really like to eat them!


We’re doing a comparison with the peppers and chillies this year as Dad had some spare room in his greenhouse. Therefore, we’ve got some of each variety indoors and outdoors, so we’ll see how they compare!

The Trinidad Perfume and D’Asti Giallo haven’t set any fruits yet, but we’ll keep you updated with progress on those.

We’ve just been keeping these watered so far, but may have to put some canes up to support them over the weekend to stop them toppling over and support the stems as the fruits grow larger.

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