The herb garden is coming along nicely

After planting out the herbs a month or so back, and trimming the perennial herbs like sage, the herb garden is a sea of green now.

The italian parsley is growing fast now, and if we don’t eat more of it quickly, I will strip back some of the older leaves and compost those. This will encourage new growth and try and prevent the plants from running to seed.

img_2325Although they look very similar, this one is lovage.img_2324And here we have the moss curled parsley (well, with the exception of the italian parsley plant that we accidentally planted bottom left!) As with the italian parsley, the moss curled parley and lovage will also be periodically stripped back to encourage fresh growth if we’re not eating it fast enough.img_2323Next up, we have the three types of mint. After some initial issues getting the apple mint to root, it’s now caught up with the peppermint and ordinary garden mint absolutely fine.

The herbs don’t get any special treatment, just water when they look like they’re getting a bit dry. Other than that, we might give them a foliar feed of Maxicrop seaweed every couple of weeks to give them a little nutrient boost.

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