A rainbow (well green and yellow!) of container courgettes

The Sunstripe courgette has got its first courgettes forming – very exciting! And as advertised, it is virtually spineless which is great news, as the spines can be very prickly at times, and for some reason seem to react with my skin to give me a rash!


The Midnight are further ahead. We’ve already had two small courgettes off the plant at this stage, and you can see there are plenty more on their way!


These are given a couple of litres of water per container each day, twice a day if it’s a particularly hot day! We put a bit of high nitrogen liquid feed in the can each day to make sure the plants have got enough food in their containers to keep producing us courgettes.

We didn’t get round to putting stakes in these ones yet, but I don’t think they can stay without stakes for much longer!

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