Peppers: indoor vs outdoor growing

So it turns out peppers prefer to be grown indoors, or at least it gives them a head start over their outdoor counterparts. Although the ones that are growing outdoors are starting to set some fruits, there are definitely lots more on the plants in the greenhouse, and the peppers are generally larger.

This is the Redskin, a mini red bell pepper.


Next up we have an old favourite, Snackbite, a small orange sweet pepper.


And we’ve finally got some D’Asti Giallo set. We were starting to get a bit worried about these, but it seems like we didn’t need to, as they’ve set quite a few now! These promise to be large yellow bell peppers.


The Basket of Fire chillies are outside and have set so many chillies already! So it’s just the Trinidad Perfume chilli pepper we’re waiting on now. Fingers crossed it won’t keep us waiting much longer!

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