Other early seed sowings

Last weekend, we also did some other sowings. These were mainly for trial purposes to see whether the seeds we’d been sowing last year were still viable. Although we’re hoping that they’re still germinating because it means we can use the seed for another year, we’re also secretly hoping that the trial seeds germinate so we can get some early crops this year.

The first of these sowings were Tasty King cucumbers. These are a great variety that we’ve been growing for a number of years. They can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although if these ones germinate, they will be grown indoors as it will be too cold outside for them when we’re hoping to grow them on and get them producing early cucumbers for us.

These were sown in exactly the same way as the seeds we sowed before, but with the cucumber seeds being placed on their sides. We find that this helps with the germination of cucurbits, as it assists their roots and first leaves from getting out of the seed casing and down/up respectively.

Next up, we did an early trial sowing of Little Gem lettuces. These will also be grown on indoors if they germinate, but should form a decent homegrown lettuce for the early part of the season.

Last up, we did a trial sowing of our favourite broccoli, Marathon. This variety grows an absolutely lovely, big broccoli head when it gets to maturity. And the best part is that if you’re lucky, it will then throw some side shoots and as a lucky bonus feed (or two!)

You might be able to make out from the photo that there’s a number “3” in a circle next to the variety’s name. We find that it’s helpful to include this when sowing seeds as a record of how many you sowed. This can help when it comes to the seeds germinating, and gives you a good idea whether there are many more seeds that you are waiting for, or whether those you’ve pricked out are all you’re going to get. It can also help you work out if germination levels are still good when you’re doing seed trials like we are here.

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