Back in February, we sowed our first sowing of container carrots, Red Ideal. We’re not sure why, but the germination wasn’t great. Maybe it was because it was too cold at that time of year, or perhaps because of the seed as it was a packet we started last year.

So here we have it – our three carrots! We didn’t want to give up on those seeds that had germinated though, so we’ll keep looking after these until they’re ready to harvest. Although these have been growing on in our greenhouse, we moved them outside into a sheltered spot last weekend.

Luckily we had more luck with our second sowing that we did a couple of weeks ago. This time round, we sowed Paris Market Atlas (a lovely tasting ball-shaped carrot) and Charisma (a regular stump rooted carrot.

We sowed them in exactly the same way, spaced out as best we could in a 30 litre container. We gently pushed the seeds into the surface of the compost a little after sowing and then covered with vermiculite, a sheet of glass and some newspaper.

As with the other carrots, we moved these outside last weekend to grow on where it’s a bit cooler. you’ll notice that some of the vermiculite has been disturbed in the left hand container. This was down to ants. When I lifted the pane of glass one day, just as the carrots had germinated, I found that lots of the compost had been pushed upwards as the ants were starting to create a nest in the container. For the good of our carrot crop, we had to put a stop to the ants and luckily it seems like the carrots haven’t been too badly affected.

Therefore, it hasn’t been all plain sailing with our carrots so far in 2022. Fingers crossed for an easier ride from here on in!

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