Harvesting our garlic

In mid June, our garlic stopped looking so healthy, and looked as though it was starting to die back. Therefore, we thought it would be best to harvest it and try and dry it out so its stores.

Luckily we did, because some of the bulbs seem to have got some kind of fungus on them when lifted. We discarded these ones as the bulbs were a bit soft, but still have lots to try and keep. If anyone has any suggestions on what this could be/how to avoid it, we’d be pleased to know as we don’t know a lot about growing garlic.

We had mixed success with the cloves we planted. Some have grown lovely big bulbs as we’d hoped, whereas others hadn’t split into new cloves yet. However, we have tied them in bunches and hung them in our arbour to dry out a bit before we start eating them.

4 thoughts on “Harvesting our garlic

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  1. Sounds like it could be white rot, it’s been a bad year for it. I had it on some of my garlic too. Avoid growing any member of the allium family in the same area, it lives in the soil for many years.


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