Cucurbit update

One of my favourite things about the summer is homegrown cucumbers and courgettes. And it’s this time of year when they both start to be harvested!

First up we have our cucumber plants. As you can see from the photos, there are lots of cucumbers forming and the plants are getting stronger each day. Each plant is supported with a bamboo cane and we tie the cucumber plants to the cane every 4-6 inches. That way, we can pinch out all the tendrils as the plants don’t need to use their food and energy to cling on to their climbing frame as we give them a helping hand.

We also pinch out all the side shoots to allow just one main vine for the cucumbers to grow off.

These are watered every day and often given a hugh nitrogen liquid feed too.

Next up are the courgettes. The below photos are of Parador (long, yellow) and One Ball (round, yellow) although we have lots of other varieties growing too.

As with the cucumbers, each courgette plant is staked to support the plant as it grows. This allows us to grow our courgettes in a smaller space as they grow upwards out of their containers rather than trailing around the garden. Again, we tie each courgette plant up the stake every 4-6 inches.

The courgettes are also watered daily with high nitrogen liquid fees thrown in to keep them going strong.

And here are some of the finished products. As you can see, we have all sorted of shapes, sizes and colours of cucumber and courgettes going on in 2022 and they are all very tasty!

Last up we have our Striped Armenian cucumber. We are trying one again at home this year, but after learning last year that their fruits grow off the side shoots ,we have also planted a couple at Mum and Dad’s. We attached some wire mesh to the fence a couple of years ago when we tried growing cucamelons and thought that this might act as a good climbing frame for these cucumber vines. We’ll keep you updated!

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