Our best bits from 2021

Although we’ve got through the shortest day back in December (and Blue Monday earlier in the week), this is still my least favourite time of the year. The nights might be drawing out, but not quick enough, and its cold, wet and more often than not frosty and or foggy.

Therefore, what better time to look back at some of our favourite harvests of 2021…

First up, we’ve got tomatoes. We grew lots of different shapes, sizes and colours of tomatoes last year. Some were more successful than others (perhaps we will do a review in a future post), but the below has got to be one of our favourites.

A couple of years ago I didn’t even like tomatoes to eat raw, but I will happily tuck into an entire beefsteak tomato now! And this Big Beef is one of our favourite varieties of beefsteak tomato.

Next up, we’ve got the courgettes. We grew all our courgettes in containers last year, but that didn’t stop them from producing plenty of fruits. At one point during the summer, courgette was on the menu every day, and you can see from the below why!

So many shapes and sizes! And we can confirm that the round ones cored out and then the centres mixed with some minced beef and then topped with a little cheese are absolutely delicious!

Another firm favourite with us are carrots. Again, these were grown in a container – it’s surprising how many you can fit in – and a single container produced quite a few feeds for us. In fact this year, we’re hoping to grow a few more containers sown a few weeks’ apart to extend the harvest time.

A new variety for us last year was the Striped Armenian cucumber. It wasn’t the quickest to get to fruit, but once we realised that it only seems to set fruit on a side shoot – we were ready to rumble. The shame of it was, that we’d wasted so much of the space we had to let it grow in nipping out the side shoots like we usually would! Therefore, we had an awfully long vine with absolutely nothing to show for itself. We did at least get one fruit from the plant though!

Last but not least, we’ve got our pak choi. These were another first for us in 2021, but definitely something we’ll be trying again. Last year, we didn’t even get a chance to plant the poor things out so they grew to maturity in their 3″ pots. They still did pretty well though, although it seems that they do seem to have a tendency to go to seed as soon as the weather gets warmer.

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