The peppers needed pricking out

Last weekend, some of our peppers needed pricking out. For those of you totally new to growing, “pricking out” is the term used for transplanting recently germinated seedlings into their first pot or cell tray. After this, it is typically referred to as “potting on” or “planting out” depending on whether you’re upgrading the plant’s pot size or planting it out into its final destination respectively.

As seeds sometimes germinate at different times, even the same variety, we are having to prick a few seedlings out each day at the moment. This is especially important if you have seeds germinating on a propagator or under glass, as the seedlings need light to grow once they’ve germinated.

If you don’t check on them, they can also become malformed if you’re not careful if the stem is forced to lay over early on.

We pricked our peppers out into 60 cell trays, these are about 1″ in diameter, but relatively deep to allow the seedlings to develop a good root system whilst they’re in there.

As we sowed a few of so many different varieties, it’s really important to label the seedlings to prevent them getting mixed up. All peppers look the same at this stage, and for a long time afterwards too!

They were pricked out into a good quality fine compost using a metal dibber which we used to carefully manoeuvre the seedlings out of the seed tray and into the cell tray.

As with all seedlings, try and gently push them as low down into the compost as you can so it is just their early leaves showing out the top of the compost. This means that as the seedlings grow up, they won’t become too leggy and fall over.

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