Update on last weekend’s antics

We had some glorious weather last Saturday - lovely blue skies and sunshine. So we took the opportunity to move some of our vegetable plants outside, and to pot some others up. We've got the crops we're growing so far up against the wall to protect them from the elements, but we'll probably move them... Continue Reading →

Next up, it’s a cucumber update

As with the courgettes, we'll share progress on our early sowing of Tasty King cucumbers first. These have been growing on happily in their 3" pots with more compost gradually being added as the plant grew. However, over the bank holiday weekend, we planted these out in the greenhouse. We planted them out in bottomless... Continue Reading →

Our 2022 courgette story

We wanted to share progress with our early sowing of container courgettes, Midnight. These were potted up into these 30 litre containers a couple of weeks ago, and are just starting to get established and really get growing. They have literally doubled in size over the past week, so it should be all go from... Continue Reading →

Bank holiday sowing

We took the bank holiday weekend as an opportunity to sow some more vegetables to enjoy over the summer months. First up, Chris was sowing some Rougette radishes and some mixed leaf salad in containers. These are sown in multi-purpose compost and then covered with some sieved compost to exclude the light whilst the seeds... Continue Reading →

Frost bite…literally!

We had sown a couple of tomatoes, Yellow Mimi, earlier than our other tomatoes in the hope of some early cropping tomatoes. Having patiently waited until the plants had flowers starting to form in their centres, they were ready to be potted on to their final pots. We wait until the tomatoes are starting to... Continue Reading →

This year’s sugar snap peas

We've enjoyed the Cascadia sugar snap peas so much the last couple of years that we're going to grow them again in 2022. As usual, we sowed the seeds in small cell trays (40 to a seed tray) and then covered these with newspaper until they started germinating, keeping the compost moist as required. A... Continue Reading →

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